Sunday, May 13, 2012

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, I get so many ideas there.  I'm redoing my son's room in Toy Story.  I saw these adorable nails ( I don't have the actual link) but here's a picture:
Pinned Image

These inspired me to make my son some letters.  I took out paper and colored pencils and designed a plan. I forgot the picture of the artwork I drew up.  This is before:
Then after: 

I can't wait until I get them hung up in his room with his star coat hangers that I painted!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never Buy Clorox Wipes Again!

I didn't take pictures of me making these, I need to get better at that.  I had ran out of clorox wipes and thought to myself geez it would be so much easier if I could make these myself!  I logged onto Pinterest searched for "Homemade Clorox Wipes" and stumbled upon an awesome blog, One Good Thing by Jillee! Like myself, she was tired of having to pay $4.00 for something you just throw away!

This is her recipe that she got from, Living On A Dime:

1 cup of water
1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
2 Tbsp. Dawn dish soap (only use Dawn)
2 Tbsp. ammonia (optional)
Stir and pour over cotton cloth ( I used old T Shirts)

I've been using these for 2 weeks now and I really do like them. I have a seperate bin in my laundry room just for them, that way they wont ruin my clothes.